Corn On The Com



Lonely. Niss.

Lonel. Eniss.


Miss. Lonell Enis was smitten with lists.

Grocery lists bucket lists lists that list swiss miss mix


Lists that you check things off lists that list symptoms


Lists that list twists of your fork eating stroganoff


Lists that list other lists lists that index your trysts

Lists that list Liszt’s favorite wrists-friendly instruments


Lists that list pros and cons lists that list adverbs


Lists that dismiss every psychic phenomenon


Frogs you can kiss can be part of a list or a record of cysts that were found on your fist

A list made by bolshevists lists of podiatrists

Lists of all bops that were boppd in a blitzkrieg blitz


Lists of what kids will dismiss when they’re blissed but which later they’ll miss and spend lives reminisc-

ing like jokes ba dum tiss

Or drunk alleyway pisses

Or tisks from millennials passing round spliffs


Memories doth persist just like christmas eve gifts

Which sit still and catch whiffs of things urgently wished

It’s your friends playing Risk while your thoughts set adrift

Or it’s Jonathon Swift sliding toward the abyss


So Miss Lonel Enis well it’s time we insist

You take out all those pieces of paper, so crisp

And you start jotting down your most loved compozish


Why it's lists baby